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Dear We Love Rugby Tour members,

We hope you enjoy the tours that we have created for Rugby World Cup 2019™, Japan.

Here is an outline of the tours offered by We Love Rugby including duration, matches included, stage of tournament, price & standard of tour.

For further details of each tour, click on to the tour name on the tool bar on the left hand side of the website where you will find tour inclusions, pricing options and a day-to-day itinerary.

We look forward to meeting you on tour in Japan!

Pool & Knock Out Match Tours

Tour Name TOUR DATESDuration (Days)MatchesStandardPrice
(Per Person)
Land of the Rising Sun FRI 20 SEP – SUN 3 NOV 45 14 Premium $39,990
SAKE SPLENDOUR WED 9 OCT – SUN 3 NOV 26 9 Premium $25,990
IMPERIAL IMPRESSIONS FRI 18 OCT – SUN 3 NOV 17 6 Premium $17,790
SUSHI TO SAMURAI^ FRI 25 OCT – SUN 3 NOV 10 4 Premium $11,990
SEMIS TO FINAL SOJOURN^ FRI 25 OCT – SUN 3 NOV 10 4 Budget $9,790


Pool Match Tours

Tour NameTour DatesDuration (Days)MatchesStandardPrice
(Per Person)
JAPAN UNVEILED FRI 20 SEP – MON 14 OCT 25 8 Premium $19,990
GEISHA GETAWAY SAT 28 SEP – MON 14 OCT 17 6 Premium $13,790
TASTE OF JAPAN FRI 20 SEP – MON 30 SEP 11 3 Premium $8,490
TRAILS OF JAPAN FRI 4 OCT – MON 14 OCT 11 5 Premium $8,990
TOKYO-FUJI FUSION WED 9 OCT – MON 14 OCT 6 3 Premium $5,790
JAPANESE JAUNT SAT 28 SEP – SAT 12 OCT 15 5 Budget $8,990
RUGBY & RAMEN SAT 28 SEP – SUN 6 OCT 9 3 Budget $5,990

New Zealand Pool Match Tours

Tour NameTour DatesDuration (Days)MatchesStandardPrice
(Per Person)
MAJESTIC JAPAN THU 19 SEP – SUN 13 OCT 25 8 Premium $20,990
DISCOVER JAPAN THU 19 SEP – MON 7 OCT 19 7 Premium $17,990

Mid Tour Options

With your Mid Tour Options’ program, you can custom build your own tour experience in between the rugby matches. With five Mid Tour Options in Japan and one in China, enjoy a Kimono or Samurai experience in Kyoto, sample the delicious local cuisine in Osaka, pay your respects at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park or head to China to take on the Great Wall.

Mid Tour Options apply to the following tours:

Tour members should follow this link for all Mid Tour itineraries

Do yourself a favour and spend time going through the itineraries and inclusions, we are sure you will find them the most comprehensive on the market.

The team at We Love Rugby can’t wait to share the experience with you!

The team at We Love Rugby

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